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Ode to Ms.Kim

You've shown me the way back home to myself, so allow me to show you gratitude the best way I know how.

To the woman who taught me to study the stars to find the path that lead to my heart.

To the woman who showed me how to find my own light within my darkness.

To the woman who sat and gently unpacked my pain with me.

To the woman who at every chance she gets uplifts and nurtures me.

To the woman who showed me that my voice was never lost.

To the woman who saw in me what I could not yet see.

You will be ingrained in my heart for all eternity.

I'm forever grateful for you.

I love you.

This is my ode to you.

Working with Ms. Kim forever changed my life and she still changes it. She challenges me to be better and to do better. She challenges my beliefs that no longer serve me and she pushes me to be the best version of myself. Working with her has been and still is the biggest impact in me healing and growing.

Ms. Kim's contact info:

IG: innerfaithwealthbuilders & mysteryschooldmf



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