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An Open Letter To My Inner Child

Hello You Bright Beautiful Child,

Your name means "gift from God" and my what a gift you are. You have weathered storms that could make adult's cower in fear. You have faced shadows and monsters that most people would run and hide from. You have climbed mountains that most wouldn't have even tried to. You've done all these things with little to no help, guidance or validation. You have survived every thing that was meant to break or test you. Even when you didn't know how to, you found the will to fight and survive. Words can't express how proud I am of you nor can they express my gratitude for you. You had to be strong even when every muscle in your body was weak. You are a true super hero, you know the ones you love to watch in your favorite anime & cartoon shows. You taught yourself how to survive and even though I am most grateful for that, my dear child it is time for us to thrive. So I ask you to release from your tight grasp, all of the pain you've been using as a life vest. Let go of the sadness that fills your heart until your tears are threatening to fall from your eyes. You were never too sensitive. You were never too emotional. You were never too smart. The people who fed you those lies were inexperienced in exploring their depths so of course they'd drown in yours. You were received judgement from the people who you thought were suppose to love you the most and even though their love wasn't enough to fill your cup, I am now in a place where I can fill us both up so we may never be thirsty for love nor will we starve for any form of affection again. You will never have to deny parts of yourself to please others nor will you have to omit your light to be embraced ever again. Instead I will lend you the courage to burn brighter, to make your flame stronger, to keep your fire wild. I will remind you how there was never anything wrong with your boldness nor was there anything wrong with your bossiness. I will remind you of all the things you should love about you like I do. I love your kindness. I love your smile. I love how in any situation you find yourself in, you always find the silver linings. I love how when things are bad you have absolute faith and trust that everything will turn out good. I love your heart and how you give of it freely. I love how you can see the many pathways to choose from. I love your bravery. I love your weaknesses just as I equally love your strengths. I love how you fight for the underdog. I love how you stand up for what you think is right and you never waiver. You are everything I needed and more, so when you need a reminder I am here to show you how you carelessly played in the rain. How your thirst for knowledge made you ask question after question. How you could pick up and master the hardest tasks. How brightly your intelligence shines through. I could fill up scrolls, books and stone tablets about how amazing, brave and loved you are and there still wouldn't be enough room for me to continue to write your praise. Your name means "gift from God" and out of every person and soul you have encountered none are more grateful to not only know you but to love you as I do.

Love Always & In All Ways,

The Older Version Of You <3

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