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Image by Rui Xu

Let's Get Acquainted

Jasmine Toney is the magical, adventurous, and intuitive woman behind the blog Thee Nomadic Goddess. Within the compilation of writings pertaining to her personal and spiritual journey of evolution and self-discovery, Jasmine wishes for individuals to feel hopeful- concluding their readings confident that they too, can morph their pain into power through doing ‘the work.’ Immersing herself into the world of travel throughout the course of adulthood, Jasmine has been able to propel her life forward through utilizing her nomadic lifestyle as a catalyst to healing. Discovering travel at a young age and finding solace in its beauty while visiting The U.S Virgin Islands, Jasmine made the decision to become a flight attendant to fuel her wanderlust, unaware that she would pair unpacking suitcases with unpacking the many dimensions of her life.  She has put forth the efforts to learn how to gift herself joy, love, and grace, selflessly connecting with and pouring into individuals with the goal of empowerment, hopefulness, and transparency, always at the forefront.  


“When I quenched my thirst for adventure in faraway lands, I was also able to uncover many different aspects of myself. In my darkest moments, is where I birthed my light.”  


  Jasmine’s zest for new and fulfilling experiences has nurtured her dreams of learning reiki, becoming a shaman, and establishing an organization that provides affordable housing in varying parts of the world.  She is consistently aspiring to be her best self, designating time to unpack the intricacies and crevices of her being, to be able to thoroughly invest into others through her daily interactions.  

Image by Brett Jordan


My mission is to travel within myself so I can build the most sacred and safest place, and to share the journey of doing so with others so they too can find themselves. I thrive to live my fullest life, to travel well and to use all of my gifts until there is nothing more than the beautiful masterpiece that is my life & legacy.


 I believe that when we travel we uncover and experience different aspects of ourselves in the most rawest authentic forms. We also leave parts of us that no longer serve us in these places. My vision is to uncover, explore and integrate as many aspects of myself and the places I visit as I possibly can. While also helping others to do the same, whether if it’s by guiding them via my spiritual gifts, writing about my many travels, or them reading about how I traveled through darkness to search and find keys to my Heaven. I want to touch the hearts, minds and souls of everyone who comes across this page. 

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