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Christmas Markets & Glühwein, Oh My!

Exploring the Magickal German Christmas Markets.

Just when you think your fingers are going to freeze and the cold will be your downfall; this magickal scent of cinnamon and wine blesses your nose which makes you search out the source of this aroma. When you get your cup of Glühwein the first sip will send warmth spreading throughout your body, warming you from the inside out.

If you're coming to Germany in the Winter time you hands down have to visit the many Christmas Markets that are all over. In 2019 I had the pleasure of visiting the Christmas Markets of Rothenburg and this year I visited the Nüremberg market. These markets have vendors from all over and they sale everything, this can be a shopaholic's dream and a foodie's paradise. The vendors sale everything from coffee mugs to scarves, hand bags and Christmas ornaments. These markets allow many travelers to see and experience the heart and artistry of Germans. A lot vendors sell handmade jewelry and herbal teas. Walking through the market you'll also see food venders selling authentic German food from Wrust to Karloffelpuffer and Brezel. Now while German Winter's aren't for the faint of heart there is something that will take you mind off of the cold while you shop til you drop and eat to your heart's content. Glühwein is the fan favorite of German Christmas Markets.

What is Glühwein you ask? Glühwein roughly translates to "glow wine" and it's a wine that includes many different spices such as cinnamon, clove and star anise. It can also include sugar, vanilla and different forms of citrus. It's mostly made of red wine but white wine can also be used. Glühwein has been around the 1420s. It's served during the Christmas Markets in decorative mugs and can also be served with a shot of rum or amaretto(the cup that you see above was my second cup the first cup I had was STRONG) I literally felt my ears and neck heat up. It's a favorite among the Christmas Market goers because it helps heat up people's body so they can explore more of the markets. If you are worried about not having enough Glühwein fret not there are plenty of venders all around the markets serving up their version of this spiced mulled cup of warmth and Heaven.

My favorite part of the Christmas markets isn't the shopping or the food. It's not even the wine. My ultimate favorite part of the Christmas Markets is seeing the old architecture and just seeing buildings, fountains and land marks that simply take your breath away. These land marks have such intricate details, it's like each brick or stone was handled with such delicate artistry. Your eyes will try to take in every detail from faces or geometric patterns being carved out of stones. It makes one wonder the genius of the artist and how much care they had when creating such beautiful things. It's also amazing to see how the modern day buildings are nestled around such old architecture.

If Germany is on your list of places to visit please go during the Winter time so you can experience the magick that is the Christmas Markets. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas go and experience the culture and the food. The Christmas Markets have more than Christmas ornaments, from the times I've been I've seen a lot of goods for sale. I've seen spiritual goodies for sale and local cheeses, meats, hand made things and even local wines for sale. Nüremberg had vendors from different countries as well. I plan on going with my family again next Christmas(hopefully I don't buy so many gifts that I don't have room for my clothes in my bag like I did in 2019). While it's a tourist spot you can still immerse yourself in the German culture and support local German businesses.

Until next time, travel well my friends.

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